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Dress Code

Members and Visitors are politely asked to observe the dress code.

On the course:

Men are asked not to wear collarless shirts, vests, jeans or combat trousers/shorts. Tailored shorts (no combat shorts) may be worn. At least one player in the group should have a mobile phone in case of emergency/accident.

In the clubhouse:

Denim is now acceptable but it has to be smart, so frayed and ripped jeans are not permitted. Football shirts, cargo shorts, beach shorts and flip flops are not permitted at any time. Trainers are acceptable but they must be clean. Golf shoes, waterproof golf wear and muddied or stained clothing are not permitted in the clubhouse. No swearing, no cycling attire or caps. Thank you for your co-operation.

Mobile Phones

Mobile phones may only be used in the car park or in adverse weather in the clubhouse foyer.

Pace of Play

All players are asked to avoid slow play, especially when the course is busy. As a general rule, you are expected to keep up with the group in front of you. You are asked to be aware of other players and to allow all faster groups to go through without hesitation.

"If only the other golfers in front replaced divots, repaired pitch marks, smoothed out bunkers, kept just behind the group in front and not just in front of the match behind, walked briskly between shots – what a perfect game golf would be!"

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Course Open. Smoking on the course is prohibited. Please ensure you hydrate and wear Sun protection. Please refer to Club Diary on Club V1 or Weekly Diary Sheets for course activity.