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Our People

Below are our 2022 Presidents, Captains & MANCO Representatives.


Captain: Mr Mike Gillis (shown)
Vice-Captain: Mr Darren Hawkins

Lady Captain

Captain: Mrs Carol Campbell (shown)
Vice-Captain: TBC
Honorary Treasurer: Mrs Rosemary Myers
Honorary Secretary: Mrs Gill Taverner
Handicap Secretary: Mrs Jane Walter


President: Mr Arthur Taverner(shown)

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Lady President

Lady President : Mrs Carol Campbell (shown)

Senior Captain

Senior Captain : Andrew Cooper (shown)

Senior President

Senior President : Ken Evans (shown)
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Junior Captain

Captain: Darcy McBride(shown)
Vice-Captain: Luis Streets

Junior Section President

Junior Section President: Alex Thurgood (shown)
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Management Committee

Laurence Weir, David Thompson (Treasurer), Mike Gillis (Captain), Carolyn Richmond, Rob Kent & Tony Burgess

(The President, Vice-Captain, Lady Captain and the General Manager also attend Manco but without voting rights).

General Manager

General Manager : Craig Delves
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Course Open. Smoking on the course is prohibited. Please ensure you hydrate and wear Sun protection. Please refer to Club Diary on Club V1 or Weekly Diary Sheets for course activity.