Course Winter Programme 2017

January 2017
A) Install artificial teeing area behind blocks on 2nd tee.
B) Re-turf areas of poor growth LHS 2nd green, LHS 4th green, rear 8th green, rear `16th green, rear 18th green.
C) Extend path from exit 12th tee passed the ladies tee.
D) Vert-drain f/ways, surrounds, approaches, walkways and end of walkways.
E) Request permission to trim back oaks L/RHS of 2nd green.
F) Request permission to trim back birch on LHS of 4th green.
G) Request permission to trim back oak in front of 11th Green
H) Request permission to trim back overhang exit 2nd tee.

February 2017
A) Continue vision of 5th hole, create new path, reseed existing scarred current path and improve existing heather.
B) Root trench behind 8th green, permission agreed.

March 2017
A) Enlarge current chipping area & reduce height of existing bunker.
B) Remove ash tree to LHS buggy compound and enlarge compound.
C) If seeded areas behind 1st and around 11th green have not produced the required growth, turf these areas.
D) Commence work on new putting green to RHS of 1st tee.

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Course Status
Currently open
09.01.2018 09:35
The course is open. We are playing main greens. If you are able to carry as apposed to using any type of trolley, please do so. Please abide by white lines to front of approaches. Buggies and ride on equipment are now back in use.