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Tigers League

Harpenden Common Golf Club has established itself as a participant in the Hertfordshire Tigers League, and this year will yet again see us enter a team in the very competitive, yet friendly league. The Tigers league consists of two parallel divisions; one called the Siberian and the other, which Harpenden Common plays in, called the Bengals. The objective of the league is to provide an opportunity to play a variety of great courses in the county, enjoy the company of like-minded golfers in a less formal, more social, yet very competitive environment. Matches are played weekdays during the late afternoon/early evening, followed by an informal meal free of the formalities typical of inter club matches.

The League is made up of member clubs in Hertfordshire who are looking for competitive golf for weekday golfers with a handicap of 3 or higher. Teams consist of 5 pairs, each pair playing an 18-hole better-ball, match-play match, with strokes (90% of difference) calculated off the lowest handicap in each match. Anyone with a handicap greater than 10 can play in the matches but will need to play off 10 for the match. So if this sounds like something you are interested in, then please do put some of the dates in your calendar and make your interest known to the team captain – Gary McCarthy.

Harpenden Common Golf Club is committed to giving everyone who makes themselves available for matches the opportunity to represent the club. In-form golfers will be given preference, should the available players for any match exceed the required 10 players. Availability notices will be published and maintained on the boards in good time before the start of the season with selected teams announced a minimum of 6 days before each match. Teams in each division play each other in a home and an away fixture. The winner and runner-up of the Bengal division will go on to play a semi-final against the runner-up and winner of the Siberian division. The respective winners will go through to meet each other in a head-to-head final on Friday 28th September 2018 at South Herts Golf Club. The remaining teams in the league participate in the finals day at South Herts Golf Club by competing in a team event, each team comprising of 2 pairs, playing in a combined better-ball competition. In the event the Harpenden Tigers team do not qualify for the final, preference will be given to team members who secured the most points for the team during the league season to represent the club and the Harpenden Tigers team at the finals day.

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