Local Rules 2017

In addition to the local rules on the reverse of the score cards and the “Winter Rules” currently in place , there are 3 extra local rules now in effect that we would like you to be aware of:

A) The R&A have recommended that Clubs introduce a local rule re-accidental movement of the ball on the putting green. Full details of the this local rule can be viewed on the website & posted in the Clubhouse.
B) The latest print run of the score cards shows an addition on rule 3, re relief from interference from a fixed sprinkler head off the putting green. Full details of this addition are on the new score cards, the website and posted in the Clubhouse.
C) During these winter conditions the Competitions Committee have decided that relief can be taken from an embedded ball in its own pitch mark, or on/ in a tyre mark. This relief can be taken without penalty, the ball may be lifted, cleaned and dropped. Full details can be seen on the website & posted in the Clubhouse.

Full details are attached below.

Kind regards 

Competitions Committee.

Local Rules Attachment

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Course Status
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09.01.2018 09:35
The course is open. We are playing main greens. If you are able to carry as apposed to using any type of trolley, please do so. Please abide by white lines to front of approaches. Buggies and ride on equipment are now back in use.