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2018 CONGU Handicapping System


The principal changes to the 2018 system are:

Definitions: Add Buffer Zones for 9-hole competitions for completeness.
Qualifying Competitions: Consideration of non-qualifying scores should not be restricted to the Annual Review only.
CSS Calculation: Clarify that non-‘c’ handicaps are not to be considered when calculating the CSS.
UHS Compliance List: Confirm that Ireland have the authority to adjust handicaps after non-qualifying competitions.
CSS Calculation: Buffer Zone or Better calculation to use the Stableford Adjusted Score for Medal Competitions to bring into line with Stableford/Par/Bogey competitions.
Initial Handicap Allotment: The formula was missing a ‘)’ making it incorrect – corrected.
Retirement of Club and Disability Handicaps: These have been removed from the system, recognising their low impact, and Category 5 for Men and Category 6 for Men and Women introduced, providing for a maximum handicap of 54.0 for all golfers.
Supplementary Scores: Relaxation of rules – no restriction on number per year, no restriction on number per week.
CSS Calculation: Clarification of the introduction of Category 4 Men into the calculation.
Mixed Tee Competitions: Reinforcement of the One CSS Adjustment Calculation.
Definitions: Add initial cards submitted for handicap allotment into the definition of Qualifying Score.
Handicap Allowances: Further clarification on the treatment of Plus handicaps.
Teeing Ground: Definition moved from Decision 7(a) to Appendix A for clarity.
9-Hole Competitions: Introduce the option of 9-hole Medal Competitions and Open 9-Hole Competitions. Clarify treatment of handicap allowances for mixed tee 9-hole competitions.
Disqualified Scores: Clarify the treatment of use of DMD where first use of a banned function is now a 2-shot penalty.
Handicap Adjustments: Confirm the order of application when mixed tees are involved.
Handicap Adjustments: Confirm that the adherence to Appendix M for handicap reviews is mandatory, not optional.

Quick Guide to the CONGU Handicapping System.

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