Harpenden Common Golf Club

Dress Code & Etiquette

at Harpenden Common

Our aim at Harpenden Common Golf Club is to create a premium and relaxed experience for all members, guests and visitors. Our Dress Code and Etiquette Policy is designed to ensure we maintain a modern approach, whilst keeping tradition in mind, to standards both on and off the Golf Course. We kindly request that these requirements are respected by all.

Acceptable on the Golf Course

  • Recognised Smart Golf Attire
  • tailored Shorts with Ankle or Long Socks
  • Recognised Golf Shoes (No Metal Spikes)

Acceptable in the Clubhouse

  • Smart Casual Attire including Smart Clean Denim and Clean Trainers

Unacceptable on the Golf Course

  • Cargo Pants / Cargo Shorts / Denim Jeans / T-Shirts / Football or Rugby Shirts / Tracksuits

Unacceptable in the Clubhouse 

  • Ripped or Torn Denim / Hats or Caps / Dirty or Soiled Clothing / Waterproofs / Golf Shoes / Football or Rugby Shirts / Bare or Socked Feet

Mobile Phones and Electronic Devices

Mobile Phones must not be used for conversation in the Clubhouse Bar and Dining Areas
Mobile Phones and other Electronic Devices may be used for Messaging etc. in the Clubhouse but must be switched to Silent
Mobile Phones are recommended to be taken on the Course in case of an Emergency but must be on Silent at all times

Pace of Play

  • Keep up with the Group in Front
  • Invite Faster Groups to play through if you are losing ground on the Group in Front
  • Play Ready Golf whilst ensuring it is safe to do so
  • Do not leave Bags, Trolleys or Buggies on the Front of a Green
  • Take no more than 3 Minutes to search for a Ball
  • When playing Casually, leave the Flagstick in
  • If you cannot score in certain formats, please pick up your Ball

Course Safety

  • Be aware of the Public using the Common Land and ensure you give Right of Way
  • Take Notice and adhere to all Signage on the Course
  • Report any Accidents immediately to the Club Office or Pro-Shop
  • Defibrillators are located in the Clubhouse and at the Greenkeepers Shed
  • In case of an Electrical Storm, if the Klaxon is sounded, please mark your Ball and leave the Course immediately (You also have a right to ensure your own safety leave the Course at any time)

 General Etiquette & other Requirements

  • Repair Pitch-marks, Replace Divots and Rake Bunkers
  • Be Polite and Courteous to others on the Course and in the Clubhouse
  • The use of Bad Language will not be tolerated

If you have any doubt of the above requirements or you simply have some other question that needs answering, please do not hesitate to visit the Pro-Shop or call them on 01582 711328.

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Functions & Hospitality

The Clubhouse is available to hire for parties, weddings and other social events.

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